Pat Cummins x Television Commercial


July 2018 -
September 2018

Uncover the unique bond between father and champion. Pat Cummins is Australia’s fastest bowler in recent history, it takes more than a typical upbringing to make a champion. We had to find a way to connect with audiences of Australian Cricket through the new cut path; emotion. We were handed the reins to develop a compelling narrative inclusive of our national sport. The result; CLOSE MATTERS.
Hero 45"
Duration: 0:45
Client: Gillette
Credit: Producer.

3x Television Commercials

Over the course of a 3 month production schedule I produced Gillette's largest Australian TVC to date. Breaking down 3 key narratives from the hero story, each making their way into various media channels telling a different story and engaging a different audience.


1x In-store Key Visual

In order to support to campaign, we produced an in-store key visual to promote and emphasise the partnership and better knit together concept, product & partnership.

4x Concepts

During the initial development period of the TVC concept, we explored 4 unique narratives each pairing Gillette's brand new quad-blade, smooth gliding razor with fans spanning from the hardcore to the casual.
Television Commercial 30"
Duration: 0:30
Client: Gillette
Credit: Producer.
Digital Pre-Roll 15"
Duration: 0:15
Client: Gillette
Credit: Producer.
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