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emirates true north
Emirates True North.
True North offers the opportunity to discover a destination that’s just right for you – your ‘True North’ – by comparing your musical tastes with the unique soundtrack of select cities. It combines the brand power of Emirates with the data science of Spotify to produce a wanderlust-inducing platform for destination and music discovery.
No.1 Spotify AU Integrated Campaign to date

Art Director
Graphic Designer

September 2017 -
March 2018

If your music taste were a destination, where would it be? That’s the question Emirates’ partnership with Spotify answered. Landing on the campaign’s website, you are encouraged to login with your Spotify account, pulling all your listening habits and favourite genres, the algorithm generates your personal True North. Discovering your destination, you are presented with bespoke content recommending bars, clubs, venues, neighbourhoods and accommodation that caters exactly to your personal music taste.
The Hero Videos
Singapore, Glasgow & Auckland due to their music history, were chosen as our 'Hero Cities' - Each were granted their own long-form videos. Capturing the vibe and grit within every sweating Folkrock house party, smokey dim lit Jazz club & soulful Reggae bar was it's own well deserved challenge.
30sec Pre-Roll
The Images
Every True North destination features a 1500+ word article written by a genuine local and fan of the specific genre of music. The articles recommend bars, clubs, hostels, dingy bed and breakfasts & introduces you to the key players in that genre, all for the purpose of bringing you closer to your True North music. As oppose to another travel guide recommending up-class sterile hotels and generic bars.
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